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Swindon Town Plotting Alexis Sanchez Bid?

Could the PSG target be on his way to Swindon Town this summer?

EFL League Two’s Swindon Town have reportedly submitted a bid for Arsenal hit-man Alexis Sanchez, a surprising breakthrough in the summer saga of the talented Chilean. The Arsenal number 7 has sparked interest from a string of Europe’s top clubs but if sources are to be proven true, the forward may well be staying closer to London than most thought would be the case.

Will We See Sanchez Here Soon?

Will We See Sanchez Playing Here Soon?

Chilean publication The Little Niño is reporting that Sanchez was overheard in a flashy Swindon town centre bar, deep in talks and cocktails with Swindon mascot Rockin Robin who’s on probation from the club for poor conduct after an incident that saw the famous bird tie a member of the under 18 squad to a goalpost and leave him there overnight. Fans reported talks between the bird and Sanchez were loud and obvious as Sanchez asked Robin for suggestions on areas of Swindon to consider moving his family to.

Glass collector at the bar Joe West told Own Goal “The cocktails were flowing alright. First it was screwdrivers and mojitos then martinis and Buckfast – the pair looked pretty wrecked if I’m honest. Robin must have eaten something funny as he was in and out of the toilets every five minutes.“

Waitress Louise told us “They could not have made it any clearer that they were talking about a transfer to Swindon for Alexis. I was at their table every 10 minutes with a drinks tray for a good two and half hours so I had a pretty solid idea about what they were up to. I overheard transfer fees, wages, contract add-ons and more so if I was a betting woman, which I’m not, I’d be sticking a tenner on the transfer going through”.

Our understanding is that a late night emergency meeting was called at The Robins’ training ground late on Tuesday night this week. Owner Lee Power and manager David Flitcroft were among the attendants for what we believe to be crunch-talks about how to get the Sanchez deal over the line. James Jameson a security intern at the club’s training facility told Own Goal “I was doing my hourly walk around for security and saw the guys in an office playing FIFA 17. As I got closer I noticed what was going on. Flitcroft had setup Swindon Town with Sanchez in the squad to test the results and the owner had Alexis’ stats up on Football Manager next to him. Now I’m not one to start rumours but the last time I saw this we signed the player the following week.”

Who Is Alexis Sanchez?

Sanchez has been a revelation at Arsenal, managing to shine in squad that’s not been up to his level for some time, but that may change if he makes the switch to the County Ground. Sanchez has banged in a cracking 53 goals in 103 games since his move to Arsenal in 2014 and is the backbone to his national side. Now established as one of the most dangerous forwards in the English leagues, Alexis has carried responsibility for the lion share of Arsenal’s better performances for the last couple of years.

Can Swindon pull off the shock transfer of the summer? Stay locked onto Own Goal for developments.

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