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Own Goal Sources

We’re often asked here at Own Goal “Hey guys, where do you get your scoops and sources from?”. Here at the site we have a team of full-time reporters that are busy making and breaking the news that makes our network the go to site for the best in sports news from around the world. Ladies and gentleman – please meet our sources.

Meet The Own Goal Editorial Team

Ketchup Dipford
Football, volleyball and basketball
Role: Editor
Brown sauce

Name: Brown Sauce
Sports: UFC and Boxing
Role: Staff Writer
Loves: Fried breakfast
Hates: Love Island

Name: Sir Fruitmeister
Sports: Rugby, Athletics and Watersports
Role: Contributor
Loves: Pub on a Friday
Hates: Mayonnaise

Name: Mrs Mayo
Sports: Tennis, Football, F1
Role: PR & Marketing
Loves: Tuna
Hates: Being left out of the fridge

Name: The Interns
Sports: All
Role: Making tea and doing runs to Subway
Loves: Freshers Week
Hates: Mondays