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Naby Keita Plotting On Taking Out The Entire RB Leipzig Squad?

The Liverpool target swaps talk for action as potential plan emerges to kick and fight his way through the RB Leipzig squad to get his move to Anfield

Sometimes in life you have to ruffle a few feathers to get what you want. RB Leipzig have remained un-hinged in the face of a series of nosebleed bids from Liverpool for their talismanic midfielder Naby Keita. It is now clear that the play wants the move to the reds but representatives and senior decision makers at the German club have made it obvious that they do not intend to let their man go for any price or for any reason.

News broke this morning that the unsettled player has reacted to the news that his wanted move will be blocked by kicking the f**k out of his team mate Diego Demme in a training bust up that was serious enough for head coach Ralph Hasenhuttl to cancel the session.

If there’s one thing we know in football it’s that when club’s put the hammer down on their players it rarely ends well. The egos of world-level footballers make for difficult characters to manage, especially when they’re being blocked from doing as they desire.

Own Goal is of the belief that this is just the start of a series of movements that will eventually result in one of the following:

  1. Naby Keita will smash his way through the entire RB Leipzig squad to make his point
  2. The player will be forced to train alone
  3. The player with go on strike

It looks like a relationships which is fading fast as news trickles down everyday with almost hourly shifts of momentum.

One thing’s for sure and that is if Keita continues to take out RB Leipzig players in training – the club’s going to have some difficult decisions to make. The owners made it clear that the player is not for sale at any price, but when you have a guy that’s actively out to destroy your team and brand – maybe it’s time to admit defeat and cut your losses?

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