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Donald Trump Concerned By Man City Defence Spending

Donald Trump has turned his attention to Manchester City FC following a worrying net spend on defence this summer which has triggered international security alarm bells. 

President of The United States of America Donald Trump has held emergency sittings in the White House with leading figures from the military, FBI and justice system in response to growing concerns for Manchester City’s rapidly-growing defence budget. The Pentagon is said to be monitoring the situation in the North West of England as fears grow for what exactly is going on behind the scenes at the club.

A local Washington authority told Own Goal “As with North Korea, Iran or anywhere else – the USA has an obligation to seek intelligence when we feel that defence spending goes from normal, to expenditure that suggests a group is preparing for military action. The White House and the President are concerned about the recent spending of Man City and will be sending a Foreign Minister to Manchester to inspect the club’s current situation.”

White House gardening intern Chad Fango told Own Goal “The government and military are clearly concerned about what exactly is going on in Manchester and you can understand why. When spending reaches these dizzying heights we can only assume that something untoward is being planned. I don’t want to live in a world where Sergio Aguero is marching through Europe taking over small countries with a blue army behind him. This has gone from football and sports to politics and military action – this should never happen under any circumstances.”

There are little to no excuses for a group to invest so heavily in protecting their targets so the intervention of the USA is fully understandable. The UN are reportedly monitoring the sensitive situation and will send a peacekeeping team to Lancashire to ensure that nothing untoward is being planned.

Below are a list of countries that are spending less this year on defence than Manchester City.

Manchester City – $206.7m
Kyrgyzstan – $206m
Gabon – $203m
Afghanistan – $174m
Niger – $166m
Bosnia-Herzegovina – $164m
Ghana – $162m
Guinea – $162m
Burkina Faso – $149m
Albania – $147m
South Sudan – $138m
Mauritania – $136m
Cuba – $118.4m
Jamaica – $118m
Mozambique – $112m
Macedonia –  $106m
Mongolia – $102m
Rwanda – $101m
Benin – $98.1m
Tajikistan – $95.8m
Togo – $82m
Papua New Guinea – $81.9m
Nicaragua – $72.5m
Swaziland – $67.3m
Montenegro – $67.2m
Burundi – $66.5m
Madagascar – $59.3m
Malta – $57.5m
Kosovo – $51.9m
Central African Republic – $51.6m
Guyana – $48.9m
Fiji – $45.2m
Lesotho – $40.7m
Djibouti – $36.3m
Malawi – $33.6m
Moldova – $29.7m
Sierra Leone – $26.8m
Timor Leste – $26.2m
Mauritius – $23
Laos – $22.7m
Belize – $20.6m
Seychelles – $18.4m
Equatorial Guinea – $18.2m
Iceland – $17.4m
Guinea-Bissau – $17m
Gambia – $14.3m
Liberia – $12.3m
Cape Verde – $10.2m

Own Goal believes that the President has spoke to UK PM Theresa May to voice concern.

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